Tricon Broadband Customer Panel Supplemental Terms & Conditions

Last Updated on November 23, 2021

These Tricon Broadband Customer Panel Supplemental Terms & Conditions (“Supplemental Terms”) are entered into by Tricon Broadband pvt ltd. (“Tricon Broadband”) and the individual that electronically accepts these terms (“you” or “Panelist”). Your participation in the panel (“Panel”) will be governed by the applicable Tricon Broadband Terms of Service (“Primary Terms”) and these Supplemental Terms.

Please read these Supplemental Terms carefully and alongside the Primary Terms. In particular, please note that any dispute arising from or related to your participation in the Panel must be brought in binding arbitration unless you opt out in accordance with the Primary Terms.

Acceptance of Supplemental Terms

Your participation in the Panel is voluntary.

You may not accept the Supplemental Terms if (a) you are not of legal age in your state to form a binding contract with Tricon Broadband or (b) you are barred from participating in the Panel under applicable law.

Any personal information collected from you under these Supplemental Terms is subject to the Tricon Broadband Privacy Notice, and may be combined with other personal information that relates to you in accordance with that Privacy Notice.

These Supplemental Terms do not create an employee relationship between you and Tricon Broadband or companies Tricon Broadband engages to run the Panel (“Panel Partners“).

Tricon Broadband may change these Supplemental Terms at any time and will notify you of the changes using reasonable means. Your continued participation in the Panel after such notice is provided indicates your acceptance of the revised terms.

Eligibility Criteria

To participate in the Panel, you must be (a) invited by Tricon Broadband or a Panel Partner and (b) at least 16 years of age. Invitations are in Tricon Broadband’s sole discretion and may not be transferred to anyone else.

Only Indian residents may participate in the Panel.

Only one member of a household may participate in the Panel.

Employees of Tricon Broadband, its subsidiaries or Panel Partners may not participate in the Panel. You represent that you (a) received an invitation to participate in the Panel directly from Tricon Broadband or a Panel Partner and (b) meet all other eligibility criteria in this section.


Tricon Broadband or its Panel Partners may provide you with incentives related to your participation in the Panel. Incentives have no cash or other value until they are redeemed. Tricon Broadband and its Panel Partners may withhold incentives for good cause and retain sole discretion in determining whether good cause exists.

Incentives may include gift cards, products, or services offered by a third party. You may be required to (a) accept third party terms and conditions to redeem an incentive or (b) redeem an incentive within a certain time period.

Tricon Broadband or its Panel Partners may substitute incentives of equivalent value upon redemption where it is no longer practicable to provide a previously offered incentive, as determined in Tricon Broadband’s or its Panel Partner’s sole discretion.

Your Participation in the Panel

You represent that the information you provide will be accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge. Tricon Broadband or its Panel Partners may send you communications related to your participation in the Panel, including incentive opportunities, questionnaires, and surveys. These communications may be sent through a variety of means, including email, regular mail, telephone call (which may be automated), or text message (which may be automated). Tricon Broadband or its Panel Partners may, in their sole discretion, close the Panel or stop accepting responses from participants at any time.